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AD (Born 1985 in Dallas TX) is an up and coming Male Model. AD’s career started at quite a young age where he appeared in various children TV productions and advertising campaigns.

AD moved away from Texas to Colorado where he attended college and graduated with a bachelors degree in Human Factors Engineering. AD is determined and wants to make a difference in not only his own life but in the lives of others too.

Being physically fit has always been something AD has taken seriously. Growing up he played a variety of sports including football and basketball. Despite his playing days being over, he still continues to focus on staying in shape and working hard in the gym.

After being scouted by a couple of local fashion shows, AD decided to continue with his original ambition of becoming successful in the male modeling industry.

AD has continued with his work and successfully portrayed various designers works. Today AD resides in Boston, MA and continues to travel worldwide on shoots and assignments.

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AD DuBois

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